Takamasa Kubo, papermaker at Kubo Washi

Takamasa Kubo is a papermaker at Kubo Washi (5th generation), established in 1913. Learned papermaking from his father (Haruo Kubo) after graduating from university. Conducted papermaking workshop in Hungary, exhibited at ICON 2015 (British Academic Preservation and Conservation Conference) in London along with Takao Moriki of Moriki Paper, etc. Actively facilitating the exchange of information among papermakers and participating in local revitalisation projects.

UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage in 2014

The technique of making this paper has been added to the list of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage in 2014. Traditionally used for making accounting books in the commerce because of the strength and long-term perservation, but nowadays used also for various conservation purposes for old books, archives and artworks.